Retaining Cognitive Skills

We do countless cognitive tasks daily without realizing the effort needed. Our brain regions are actively engaged for the tasks and many cognitive abilities enrich our lives.

 ​​The benefits of taking this course

People perform hundreds of cognitive tasks every day without being aware of the effort involved or the attention that each requires. Think of the vocabulary needed to give meaning to situations, noticing colours,
remembering names and even just looking at a clock to tell the time. Different areas of the brain are constantly active, depending on the task being performed or the focus that it demands. We have many distinct types of cognitive abilities that we use to give meaning and provide enrichment in our lives.

Mental abilities change throughout life, as a result of brain maturation and the aging of cells and their complex interconnections. People move more slowly with age and hearing and vision become less acute. An enormous amount of research has been conducted on the aging brain and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. It has been suggested that engaging in a number of activities can reduce cognitive decline and allow people to retain mental acuity. These activities include socializing, taking up new hobbies, physical activity, a healthy diet, meditation – basically engaging in the world in an active and significant way. Included in these activities is cognitive stimulation. According to some researchers, leisure activities that demand memory and reasoning allow older adults to maintain cognitive skills, attention
and focus far longer than those adults who do not challenge their mental abilities. Exercising neural pathways ensures that they remain active and enhances the speed at which they function. Following comprehensive research, Boston Language School has developed a programme of activities to challenge participants in an environment that is entertaining and enriching. This programme includes Reading for Results, to stimulate
reading fluency and enhance memory abilities, and numerous games including Crossword Puzzles, Find the Words, Improve Vocabulary, Improve Vocabulary in Different Contexts and Following Instructions and Vocabulary. Each of these have been developed to stimulate mental functioning and provide leisure activities that inspire and are fun to complete.

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