Digital DJ’ing on Rekordbox

The Short Learning Programme provides exciting entry career opportunities in the fields of music and music business

Digital DJ’ing on Rekordbox

Being a digital DJ is the fusion of technology and artistry, by blending and sculpting sounds using cutting-edge tools. Whether performing live or crafting recorded mixes, this profession thrives on creativity, technical prowess, and the ability to engage audiences.

This Short Learning Programme, one of a kind in Africa, seamlessly integrates modern DJ techniques. This course provides you with the skills you need to enter the exciting and vibrant life of digital music. You can thrive in the highly competitive and dynamic music industry with the right commitment and passion to succeed.

  • Demonstrate an understanding on navigating Rekordbox collection window.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of working on export mode.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of using performance mode for performances.
  • Produce basic artist management techniques with a focus on building artist brands as DJ’s.
  • Develop knowledge and an understanding of the underlying principles and concepts relating to music mixing and technical proficiency to apply these techniques universally.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the technical equipment from Pioneer.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of troubleshooting fundamentals for a mobile DJ setup.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of pre requisites for a radio mix DJ as well as quality assurance techniques required for a radio mix DJ.
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