General Office Practice

Participants of the General Office Practice course will be equipped with a holistic understanding of essential office management skills to contribute effectively to any modern office setting.


Welcome to the General Office Practice course, where we delve into the fundamental skills and knowledge essential for thriving in today's dynamic office environments. 

This comprehensive course is designed to equip participants with the key competencies required to excel in various administrative roles. As businesses evolve, the demand for versatile professionals who can navigate the intricacies of office operations continues to rise. Whether you are aspiring to enter the corporate world, seeking to enhance your existing skills, or aiming to refresh your knowledge, this course provides a strategic and practical approach to mastering the essentials of effective office management. 

From understanding the detailed components of the business environment to honing interpersonal skills crucial for professional success, each unit in this course is crafted to empower participants with the knowledge and abilities needed in a contemporary office setting. Information systems, document management, communication techniques, and workplace ethics are just a few of the critical areas to be explored. Moreover, the course emphasizes practical applications, ensuring that participants can seamlessly integrate the acquired skills into real-world scenarios. 

Our goal is not only to impart theoretical knowledge but also to foster a holistic understanding of the interconnected aspects of office practices. Throughout the course, participants will engage in practical activities that encourage active participation and enhance problem-solving capabilities.

As you embark on this journey, envision yourself gaining the proficiency to manage information effectively, conduct efficient meetings, handle diverse communication channels, and create a professional and secure office environment. Join us in exploring the dynamic landscape of General Office Practice, where each unit contributes to your development as a versatile and adept office professional.


Unit 1: Introduction to the Business Environment for Office
This unit provides an overview of the business environment, covering components, elements, economic systems, factors of production, industry sectors, legal business entities, general business functions, and three levels of management. 

Unit 2: Information Systems and Office Devices
Participants will gain insights into information systems, computers, peripherals, computer networks, office devices, and the impact of working from home. 

Unit 3: Business Documents and Filing  
This unit focuses on various business documents, their purpose and content, filing systems, methodologies, security, confidentiality, electronic filing, backups, e-documents, e-signatures, and compliance with the Personal Information Act. 

Unit 4: Interpersonal Skills  
Participants will develop interpersonal skills, including effective communication, listening skills, non-verbal communication, telephone etiquette, cultural considerations, life orientation, personal leadership, self-responsibility, emotional intelligence, teamwork, and conflict resolution. 

Unit 5: Mail and Messaging  
This unit covers the management of outgoing and incoming mail, courier services, electronic mail, time and productivity management through email, virtual assistance, and working in a virtual space. 

Unit 6: Meetings
Participants will learn about defining and planning meetings, creating agendas, administrative duties, and the preparation of minutes. 

Unit 7: Receiving and Hosting Visitors  
This unit covers office etiquette, protocols, greetings, waiting rooms, refreshments, petty cash, restaurant and accommodation vetting, event organizing, and conferencing. 

Unit 8: Health, Hygiene, and Safety
Participants will understand the importance of health, hygiene, and safety in the workplace, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, office safety guidelines, personal hygiene, and ergonomic principles. 

Unit 9: Ethics
This unit explores organizational codes of conduct, employee adherence, and ethical issues in office environments. 

Unit 10: Professional Development  
Participants will learn about the importance of a professional appearance, maintaining professionalism, developing a service attitude, and implementing a professional development plan. 

Unit 11: Contextualising the General Office Practice within the Business Environment
This unit integrates knowledge from previous units, emphasizing the importance of information systems, business documents, interpersonal skills, mail management, meetings, visitor reception, health, hygiene, safety, ethics, and professional development within the broader business environment.   In conclusion, the participants of the General Office Practice course will be equipped with a holistic understanding of essential office management skills to contribute effectively to any modern office setting.  

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