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Personal Development

Learn more about self-esteem, stress and time management and personal growth. You will also learn how to study, set goals and master your brain and memory recommendations as well as be able to communicate more effective in teams. This course is life changing!

Language Skills

Learn how to write focused essays, get to grips on oral and prepared speeches and become more knowledgeable in parts of speech. This course prepares you for effective communication skills and focusses on passive communication, forms of communication and listening skills. It teaches fundamentals in communication skills.

Digital Music Production

This course will prepare you for a front row seat in Digital Music Production. It includes modules such as Basic Equipment Setup, Modern Musicians, Mixing Fundamentals, Pitch Control Adjustments, Beats and Bars, Creating a Demo, RekordBox and Tricks and Ethics and much more.


The course consists of six units that will provide you with an understanding of gender and sport, how changing your values can impact on movement culture and how the two are intertwinned. 

Business and Finance

This course includes the following sub-courses:

Grade 11 Business Studies
Grade 12 Business Studies
Time Value of Money
Financing Alternatives
Financial Leverage
and much more...

Skills of the future

The future is fast approaching and a new era of digital innovation and disruption is here. This course will prepare you on topics like cyber security breaches, types of cyber  and malware attacks, mobile protection, social network security and prevention software. It also includes courses on Robotics, Android App Development, Artificial Intelligence and much more...

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