If you are passionate about tutoring in Mathematics, English, or Science, our platform offers a unique opportunity for you to master middle school-level concepts, laying a solid foundation for effective tutoring of students. Tutors who have undergone our program not only enhance their own teaching skills but also gain access to our platform for the benefit of their students. The process begins with students taking a comprehensive baseline assessment, providing valuable information for strategic decision-making by tutors, schools and teachers. Reports generated from this assessment serve multiple purposes, allowing for the tailoring of individual learning programs, assessing students' cognitive abilities, and facilitating program management within and between schools.

Our platform lessons transcend the conventional and delve into a realm where engagement and understanding intertwine. Educators skillfully navigate through the details of curriculum outcomes, ensuring that each essential aspect is not only addressed but thoroughly grasped by every student. Such lessons are crafted with precision, incorporating diverse teaching strategies that cater to various learning styles. They foster an environment where curiosity flourishes and critical thinking is nurtured. Not only do our lessons cover necessary outcomes but they elevate the learning experience, leaving an indelible mark on students' minds and paving the way for enduring knowledge. 

  • Professional Development: Access to a platform that promotes ongoing professional development, allowing tutors to stay updated on the latest educational methodologies and refine their teaching skills.
  • Resource Abundance: A wealth of teaching materials, interactive modules, and resources that enrich the tutoring experience, enhancing the effectiveness of lessons.
  • Innovative Teaching Techniques: Exposure to innovative teaching techniques and strategies that can be applied in tutoring sessions, fostering creativity and adaptability.
  • Skill Enhancement: Opportunities to enhance tutoring proficiency through a platform that encourages skill-building and continuous learning.
  • Tailored Learning Programs: Access to comprehensive student assessment reports, facilitating the tailoring of individualized learning programs based on students' specific needs and cognitive abilities.
  • Efficient Program Management: Tools and features that streamline program management within and between schools, making administrative tasks more efficient for tutors.
  • Exclusive Access: Exclusive access to our platform, serving as a valuable resource not only for tutors' professional development but also for optimizing the learning experiences of their students.
  • Dynamic Teaching Environment: Exposure to a dynamic and interactive teaching environment that encourages tutors to explore diverse teaching strategies and adapt to various learning styles.
  • Empowerment: Empowerment through a culture of continuous learning, fostering a commitment to excellence in education among tutors.

CLS Mathematics

Stage 7 – 72; Stage 8 – 70; Stage 9 – 70 (212 lessons total)

1) Thinking and Working Mathematically

2) Number
a. Integers, power and roots
b. Place value, ordering and rounding
c. Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion

3) Algebra
a. Expressions, equations and formulae
b. Sequences, functions and graphs

4) Geometry and Measure
a. Geometrical reasoning, shapes and measurements
b. Position and transformation

5) Statistics and Probability 


Our personalized pathways encompass a range of features designed to enhance the learning experience:

  • A comprehensive and flexible online learning platform.
  •  An internationally recognized bridging program addressing gaps in Mathematics, English, and Science.
  • A holistic approach to assessments that goes beyond traditional methods.
  • Tailored individualized learning paths, ensuring each student's unique needs are met.
  • Mapped learning paths aligned with outcomes of multiple international curriculums.
  • 24/7 access to a wealth of educational materials for continuous learning.
  • Detailed, personalized reports provided to guardians, fostering open communication.
  • An extensive array of resources catering to diverse learning preferences and styles.
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